Joyoung DJ13S P90 E6 Troubleshooting Guide.

by Qian Zhou on Apr 07, 2024

Joyoung DJ13S P90 E6 Troubleshooting Guide.
Here's a quick guide on how to troubleshoot your DJ13SP90 Soymilk maker showing E6 error code.
E6 error can be caused by many things, from a loose power cable, damp connector to water damage that needs repair. You can follow this guide to check if your machine actually needs to be returned to us for a repair.
1.Ensure that your power cable connection is securely plugged in.
2. To prevent E6 errors caused by damp or loose connectors, properly position the top part of the machine after each use.
3. Before using the machine, use a hair dryer to dry any damp connectors thoroughly.

If the E6 error code continues to persist, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for further assistance.

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Support Manager
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