Authorization letter & statement

by Qian Zhou on Feb 17, 2022

Authorization letter & Statement

Our company (website) is the only authorized distributor in Australia and New Zealand by Joyoung Company Limited( People's Republic of China ).

We hereby declare: Except for this website and other regional distributors authorized by us, anyone who identifies themselves as the distributor or authorized distributor will be a scam. Please confirm with the overseas business department of Joyoung Company Limited in mainland China our customer port before placing an order from other channels. If you purchase Joyoung products through any channels which are not approved by us (including both physical or online retailers), we and Joyoung Company Limited will not be responsible for any warranty services, nor for any physical property damages.


Frank and Andy Trading Pty Ltd


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  • Paul
    Jun 13, 2023 at 01:59

    is your NZ website?
    are there any other NZ reseller for Joyoung?

    what about



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